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[AMV] Lore - 60fps 66    0

This AMV has purpose to show how beautiful Ufotable can be. Watch in 60 FPS Anime: Fate Series Edit: Ace Sanka Song: Cartoon - On & On

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Top Female Anime Characters you want to be in your harem 33    0

sorry for the last I took a vacation for 2 weeks and here I'm back again hope you like the new video Also my top action/romance was shut down because of copyrightsI will upload it again after ...

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The BEST Anime Ending of Each Season [2000-2017] 33    0

WHITE MEANS DEAD, wait no... Pale colored text means best of the year and dark yellow is best of all time Check this out

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too fat 5    0

Anime: Nagi no Asukara - 19

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Goku VS Jiren - Sarcastic Commentary by a Non-DBS fan (Drago... 5    0

DBS episode 112 is coming but Goku vs Jiren from DBS was heavily requested to sarcastically insult so, since I don't watch Dragon Ball Super, I naturally did it anyway XD (wtf is ultra instinc...

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[ENG SUB] Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Anime MV】HD Mekaku... 1    0

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION WOW I really have nothing to say about this MV... except that if you keep watching it over and over again, somehow this Aku no Hana style starts to look nice?!?! O.O Well can...

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GR Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul 1    0

MORE ANIME REVIEWS ► Watch the Show ► ► Support me on Patreon:

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GR Anime Review: Last Exile 1    0

A Glass Reflection Anime Review of Last Exile Originally Released: February 24th 2010 If Miyazaki were to do a Barrel Roll, it would probably look like this... This video contains copyright ma...

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Listening to your Silent Voice | GR Anime Review 1    0

A Silent Voice is finally getting a Theatrical Run in parts of North America, so I figured I'd take a moment to talk about the parts of the film that really sold it to me. ► A Silent Voice Show Lis...

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