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[AMV] Lore - 60fps 66    0

This AMV has purpose to show how beautiful Ufotable can be. Watch in 60 FPS Anime: Fate Series Edit: Ace Sanka Song: Cartoon - On & On

Waeeda 893 views

Top Female Anime Characters you want to be in your harem 33    0

sorry for the last I took a vacation for 2 weeks and here I'm back again hope you like the new video Also my top action/romance was shut down because of copyrightsI will upload it again after ...

Waeeda 836 views

The BEST Anime Ending of Each Season [2000-2017] 33    0

WHITE MEANS DEAD, wait no... Pale colored text means best of the year and dark yellow is best of all time Check this out

Waeeda 353 views

Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai (Your Voice) Movie English Subbed 23    0

The story focuses on high school girl Nagisa Yukiai who lives in a seaside town. She has believed her grandmother's story that spirits dwell in words and they are called "kotodama&...

Waeeda 961 views