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The Coolest Japanese Drummers - Wadaiko (Japanese Drums)


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Wadaiko, or taiko for short, are traditional Japanese drums. They are used to perform at festivals and other events, infusing them with energy and listeners with excitement. Today, Japanese taiko performances with other instruments and spanning various genres, such as classic and jazz music, are thriving as the instrument finds fans across the world.

And the other day, I found the coolest Japanese drummers. They are incredibly shining so much.

■和太鼓グループ彩Japanese Drum Group SAI

If you got interested in their performance, why not go watch it? Here is the upcoming one.

Date:September 15th, 2018
1st stage seat open 12:00
2nd stage seat open 16:30
Place:Izumi-Garden-Gallery (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Ticket Price:ADV 4,000 yen, DOOR 4,500 yen

If you have any question, ask them through the following email: (Available in English and Japanese)
[email protected]

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